Product Details

• VERDSTILE – Can be effective on varieties of industrial belts; rubber, canvas, fabric and leather belts of flat, V, and round types.

• LONGER BELT LIFE – Specially formulated to cause treated belts not to glaze over, harden, cake, rigid or collect dust.
Prevention of untimely down-time caused by snapped belts save time and costly repairs.

• MIANTAN PULLING POWER – Advanced adherent ingredient grips firmly on pulley and give belt up to 50% more pulling power.

• CONDITIONS BELT – It cleans as well as penetrates deep into condition and making it stays soft, clean and flexible and eliminates slippages.

• MOISTURE PROOF – Excellent resistant to moisture, works well and prevent slipping even under very humid or wet conditions.

Spray inner or working surface of running belt. BD-LUBE can be used on V, flat as well as round belts. Apply a little at a time and repeat periodically to maintain pulling power.
Handy pin-point extension nozzle makes complete coverage easy, accurate, less wastage and access to hard to reach surfaces.
BD-LUBE is effective regardless of shape or size of belt. One application is usually enough, repeat if necessary and with periodical preventive maintenance treatment program.

All form machinery, manufacturing equipment, auto fan belts, air-conditioning system, industrial and all belts driven equipment.