Product Details

  • Excellent control of carbonate and sulphate scales for cost effective operation.
  • Compatible with all major membranes
  • International potable water approvals.
  • Dispersant
  • Iron tolerant
  • Not affected by chlorine or other oxidizing biocides under normal conditions of use.

FALCHEM -100 is an aqueous solution of an organic acid and as such corrosive in its concentrated form.
Corrosion resistant dosing equipment should therefore be used. Examples of suitable materials are 316L stainless steel, or plastics such as GRP, PVC, and PE.

FALCHEM-100 is miscible with water in all proportions. It may be applied as the neat product, or as a solution in permeate. A minimum dosing solution strength of 10% w/w is recommended. FALCHEM-
100 should be dosed continuously and proportionately to the feed water flow, to maintain the recommended dose level.

The dose level required is dependent on the quality of the saturation indices of the various scales forming species present in the concentrated brine. Proprietary computer software is used to calculate scaling indices and calculate optimum system recovery. Dose level projections and recommendations are available on request.