Product Details

Appearance: Light Brown Liquid
Specific Gravity: 1.2+-0.10
pH(1% Sol): 6.9+-0.5
Flash Point: None

Components * Aliphatic Compound

FEATURES: FALCHEM 1202 is effective against a broad spectrum of microorganism
It has strong biostatic effect even at low concentration. It contains no heavy metals, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) phenols or similar harmful substances.

Feed FALCHEM 1202 neat, btch feeding of 1.0to 10 ppm to the holding water by using dosing pump or shock dose.

ACUTE TOXICITY: Oral toxicity(rat) : LD 50 2,500 mg/kg, FISH toxicity (Oryzias Latipes LC 50 100 mg/l