Product Details

• Self-rinsing – specially blended to be gradually rinsed by the natural condensation of cooling systems. This “no-rinse” feature saves valuable time and labor costs.
• Environmentally safe – non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable in nature, Aqua-coil can be safely used even in food processing areas.
• Insitu cleaning – Aqua-coil, units can be cleaned without the inconvenience of dismantling or removal.
• Safe on equipment – Aqua-coil is non-acidic, non-caustic and can be safely used on copper, aluminum, steel or plastic materials normally used in air-conditioning equipment.
• Enhance filter performance – Aqua-coil can be used as a filter adhesive to form a tacky meshwork that entraps particles too small to be captured by the filter itself.
This will significantly reduce dirt recirculation and resulting in marked increase in system efficiency. Entrapped dirt and other foreign particles can be easily removed by rinsing the filter. This application is ideal for permanent-type filter systems.
• Deep cleaning action – aqua-coil works by penetrating deeply to break-down grime and other contaminants to restore chiller efficiency.
It helps control odors by eliminating rancid or other oily deposits that attracts malodor releasing bacteria.

Where used:
In wall units remote cooling ceiling units. Refrigeration chiller coils or any chiller and cooler units of airconditioning systems.

Direction of use
As filter adhesive – Spray concentrated Aqua-coil onto filter. A quick rinse with water is all that’s necessary to clean the filter.

Cleaning air conditioner coils
1. Dilute one part Aqua-coil with three part water. For heavier dirt build-up units, dilute with two parts water.
2. Switch off the unit to be cleaned.
3. Spray directly onto coils to cover entire area.
4. Allow 2 – 5 minutes for Aqua-coil to penetrate the build-up deposits.
5. Turn on unit for normal operation to create condensation on the chiller coils and tins that will gradually rinse Aqua-coil and loosen soils down into condensation pan or drain.