Product Details

  •  Multi-purpose water based cleaner.
  •  Consists of biodegradable ingredients.
  •  Does no contain nonyl phenols neither caustic alkalis.
  •  Free from hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents.
  •  Non flammable and non combustible liquid of low toxicity.
  •  Can be used efficiently as cleaning agent for engine rooms, decks, cargo holds and tanks.
  •  No known effect on rubber.
  •  Applicable to plastic, rubber and epoxy compounds as well to painted, coated and varnished surfaces.
  •  If you are using FALCHEM AQUATAFF on a vertical or horizontal surface. The resident time and cleaning ability can be furthered by adding FALCHEM FOAM PLUS.
  •  May attack aluminum and zinc.
  •  Cost effective, easy to apply and use.

This product has been formulated to meet the latest MARIPOL 73/78 regulations (published in the year 1997) for cleaning additives and has less than 10% aromatics.

Steam boilers

Prior to acid cleaning of steam boilers which are also contaminated with oil and grease or when silicates/calcium sulfates are present it is advantageous to first perform a boil out operation with Falchem


Suitable for removal of fatty acids, fish oils and other drying or semidrying oil deposits present as residues in storage and cargo tanks. It is very effective on dried oil films. When cleaning from “black oils” to “white oils and from “black oils” to “grain cargo” it a useful final treatment.