Product Details

Supplied in liquid form, therefore can be used immediately as received, Contains no chromates, will not harm environment.

Forms a barrier between seawater and the metal substrates, provides good inhibition against general corrosion below water level.

Consistency in protective film-forming layer and is stable over a wide pH & temperature range, Simple test for product strength.

Improve on the effectiveness of cathodic protection by enlarging protected area & extending life of installed anodes. Reduces costs in replacements of anodes.

The product when applied within a tank means a significant reserve of inhibitor is always present and this provides for long term electrochemical protection.

Areas of application :-
Ballast Tanks, Bilges, Void spaces, Barges, Cofferdams, Heeling Tanks, Seawater-filled vessels under hydrostatic testing, Stern-Tube cooling water tanks, Wet Lay-Up protection.

Dosage Factor :-
Initial dosage is recommended at a rate of 100 ppm. Provided always that the seawater-filled system is not emptied out, next dosage should be at 50 ppm every 6-months interval as this will replenish the inhibiting property.