Product Details

Color : Colorless
Specific gravity (20°C) : 1
Flash Point : > 70°C

CONDENSATE CONTROL is a neutralizing type corrosion inhibitor of use in steam and steam condensate system. CONDENSATE CONTROL can be used at boiler operating pressures up to 100 bar.

CONDENSATE CONTROL can also be used to protect shell type boilers that been taken out of service, or between installation and actual commissioning.


The dosage of CONDENSATE CONTROL requires for regular treatment will depend upon the carbon dioxide content of the condensate. CONDENSATE CONTROL should be injected as frequently as
necessary to maintain the pH of the condensate at the main condensate pump discharge between 8.3 and 9.0. When added continuously in conjunction with HYDRAZINE, the daily requirements of
CONDENSATE CONTROL should be adjusted to the correct pH of 8.3 to 9.0 in the condensate. Control is by determination of the pH of fresh samples of condensate,
a typical dosage for an average 10 metric ton.
System would be 2.5 Liters/day.

For protection of idle boilers, the amount of CONDENSATE CONTROL required will be between 5 and 15 liters, depending on the size of the boiler. Details of a suitable protection program will be provided on request by your FALCHEM ® Representative.

CONDENSATE CONTROL may be added intermittently or continuously to the feed water. Steel is suitable for feeding equipment. Avoid copper or copper alloys. CONDENSATE CONTROL should never
be fed to the surface of hot water in a boiler feed tank, but should be fed below the surface.