Product Details

  •  Non-toxic to marine life.
  •  Highly effective for oil spills at sea, on seashores and on solid surfaces such as docks, decks, piers, wharfs, ship hulls etc.
  •  Actively promotes oil-dispersion into microscopic droplets, so that the maximum surface area can be treated with rapid bacterial degradation.
  •  Has been tested and approved by the various regulatory agencies.
  •  Cost effective and economical.
  •  Applicable to all mineral oils, crude oils, fuel oils, kerosene, white spirit and lubricant oils.
  •  Rapid action – converts hydrocarbons into very fine emulsions.

A. Dosing Procedure

At Sea: The quantity of FALCHEM DISPERSE to be used depends on three main actors: the quantity of oil spilled, the type of oil spilled and the weather conditions (prevailing and
forthcoming). However, experience and expertise have proved that an adequate volume of FALCHEM DISPERSE to be used is 1 liter per 15 -20 square meters (1 gallon per 75 – 100
square yards) as tested on a spillage of crude oil.

At Shore: The quantity of FALCHEM DISPERSE demanded in this case, depends on the size of contamination in the affected area. Repetition of the cleaning process may be
necessary, until oil-spill elimination is complete.

On Ship: The quantity of FALCHEM DISPERSE required here, is analogous to the case of shore contamination. That is, the application of the cleaning process should be carried out on
the contaminated surface, as many times, as is required.

B. Cleaning Procedure
At Sea:
1) Determine the size and kind of oil-spillage.
2) Prepare the tools necessary to apply the product, undiluted.
3) Spray the desired quantity of the product with the appropriate spraying equipment, over the oil spill.
4) Wait for a few minutes until oil spill has emulsified.
5) Is important to keep in mind that emulsification occurs when the FALCHEM DISPERSE, the spilled oil and seawater are mixed.
6) In the case of a persistent/stubborn oil spill, repeat cleaning process until oil spill elimination is complete.
At Shore:
1) Follow steps 1, 2, 3 as described in part “At Sea”.
2) Let it soak for a few minutes and remove from the treated area.
3) Rinse thoroughly by applying high pressure water source.
4) Repeat cleaning of contaminated area if necessary.
On Ship:
1) Follow steps 1, 2, 3 as described in part “At Sea”.
2) After spraying and/or pouring, mix thoroughly using a brush, mop, sponge or any other stirring device feasible to move with rapid and irregular action.
3) Pour water over the treated surface and mix vigorously.
4) Rinse thoroughly by applying high pressure water source.
5) Repeat cleaning if necessary.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The crew that will perform the oil spill dispersion must take all the precautionary measurements required before the beginning of the process.