Product Details

  •  Very effective general purpose soap cleaner.
  •  Can be applied on sensitive metal surfaces (tin, lead, zinc and aluminum) and their alloys as well as galvanized metals.
  •  Very concentrated product.
  •  Very economical.
  •  Leaves surface residue free.
  •  Biodegradable.
  •  Acceptable for use in food areas.
  •  High dilution up to 50 parts of soft or hard water.
  •  Acts as a neutralizing agent.
  •  Maybe used with other FALCHEM products to improve results.

A. Dosing procedure

The quantity of ENERPOL to be used depends on the degree of contamination to the affected area in question, along with the desired degree of cleaning required by the user. Thus, in cases of extreme soiling and heavy contamination ENERPOL must be used undiluted, where as in less extreme situations it may be diluted to a concentration, appropriate for the deposited accumulation.

B. Cleaning procedure

ENERPOL may be applies undiluted or dissolved in water by injection and/or circulation, when required. In simple cleaning procedures it can be used like any other common liquid soap with conventional ways such as a brush, sponge and/or mop.