Product Details

  • Dissolved oxygen in the boiler water can be removed effectively by reducing sugar.
  • Hardness in the feed-water react with phosphate ion or alkaline, and generate calcium phosphate
  • or magnesium hydroxide. As suspended particles, it is easy to remove by blow-down.
  • Silicate can be removed by blow-down, to keep proper alkalinity.
  • Raw material of FALCHEM FC-DEXTROSE is made of food additives.
  • Versatile single product treatment applied as a complete boiler conditioning

Determine the quantity of Falchem FC Dextrose for treating the boiler by obtaining a representative sample of the boiler water and performing the appropriate analysis

Use neat or diluted solution with feed-water, and feed continuously by means of a chemical pump.
* Initial treatment 2400 ppm to the holding water
* Standard dosage
Standard dosage of FALCHEM FC-DEXTROSE is 1000 to 2000 ppm maintained in the boiler water.