Product Details

  •  Disperses and prevents sludge formulations, keeping fuel systems cleaner.
  •  Stabilizes fuel blends, reducing incompatibility issues.
  •  Fuel acids neutralized. Fuel systems components have longer working life – less down time.
  •  Breaks water emulsions resulting in the efficient separation from oil when centrifuged.
  •  Prevents microbiological contamination.
  •  Reduces corrosion in tanks and fuel – lines.

FALCHEM FUELCARE is easy to use. The required quantity is introduced into the bunker tanks simply by pumping it through the sounding pipes prior to oil bunkering. The turbulence created by subsequent bunkering will, together with the incorporated dispersant, ensure completely mixing and further distribution of the treatment uniformly throughout the fuel.


Ideally, FALCHEM FUELCARE should be dosed directly into the bunker tank prior to bunkering. However, it can be introduced to the settling tank or during transfer from storage. Dosage is best
determined from results of fuel analysis, i.e. sediment by hot filtration, or the modified spot compatibility test which is easily preformed on board