Product Details

• Rapid and complete removal of soot.
• Neutralize acidic components.
• Reduces thermal drain blockages.
• Maintains thermal efficiency of unit.
• Greatly reduces fire risk.

Cleaning procedure

  • Check that casing drains to bilge are clear (as applicable).
  • Open turbo charger drain to bilge
  • Prepare spray equipment and connect GAS SIDE CLEANER LIQUID drum
  • Spray GAS SIDE CLEANER Liquid starting from the highest points ensuring that enough product is applied to allow thorough wetting of tubes/fins below an especially out of sight.
  • Allow product to soak for 30-60 minutes.
  • Using a fresh water jet, wash off deposits starting from the highest point.
  • Keep checking grains from castings etc. during wash down.
  • Inspect system thoroughly, repeat if necessary.


GAS SIDE CLEANER LIQUID provides a portable ECONOMISER WASHDOWN UNIT for low and high pressure jetting of economizers etc. This is a complete pump, hose and lance system which takes
suction directly from the GAS SIDE CLEANER LIQUID drum. Vessels with permanents