Product Details

•CONTROLLED ODOUR – Unique low odor formulations results in no strong and
annoying fumes to bear with.

• SAFE TO USE – Non-alkaline and non-caustic heavy duty degreaser will not harm
plastic, rubber, metal and painted surfaces. No harmful effect on normal akin

• NO TOXIC FUMES – H-CLEAN does not emit toxic fumes thus no special
ventilation process is needed

• POWERFUL YET ECONOMICAL – Special very heavy duty formulation retains its
effectiveness even after diluted up to 10 times kerosene or mineral spirits. Fast acting
and penetration degreasing agents save downtime and labor costs

• EXCELLENT RINSIBILITY – Works well by flushing out hidden deposits in cracks and crevices
and leaves no gummy residue. Can also be used effectively on tough greasy concrete floors.

H-CLEAN is recommended for use in automobile workshops, truck and bus bays, shipyards, oil pipe lines industrial plants or areas subject to heavy grease buildup
problems. It is an invaluable product for removing heavily embedded grease, soil and oil deposits on tools, machinery and floors without steam cleaning and hot rinsing.

Dilute H-CLEAN with 3 to 10 parts solvent. Dip, spray or brush over articles to be cleaned. Allow H-CLEAN to soak for a few minutes, then flush off loosen grease and
soil with PRESSURE RINSE GUN. A stiff brush may be necessary for heavily built up tools or equipment of grease or soil.

DIPPING PROCESSS: Dilute H-CLEAN with 3 to 8 parts solvent in a metal tank; immerse parts for 30 minutes to few hours depending on type of grease or seriousness of encrustation. Remove parts and flush with a pressure water hose or PRESSURE RINSE GUN.