Product Details

HANDY-GEL is a viscous, lanolin fortified heavy duty hand cleaner formulated specially to remove
the toughest and heavily embedded grease ink, carbon and dirt.

POWERFUL YET GENTLE – HANDY-GEL is a powerful blend of refined solvents, emulsifier with
Lanolin as conditioner that breaks industrial grease and soil without causing irritation or damage to the

CAN BE USE WITH OR WITHOUT WATER – Suitable also for use in areas where water is not
available for rinsing. Simply wipe hands clean with a cloth and rinse later. Able to be used from any
standard dispenser.

SAFE TO USE – Contains no harsh alkalines, abrasive solvents or caustics to ensure that frequently used,
will not cause dry, crack, peel or irritate the skin.

ECONOMICALLY VISCOUS – Special viscous formulation reduces dripping while using and ensure

FAST ACTION – No pre-wetting of skin is needed, just rub Handy-Gel into the hands and rinse later.

Place small portion of HANDY-GEL into the palm of hands, rub towards dirty areas of hands to dissolve grease, ink, grime etc. Wet hands, rub to emulsify and rinse.

Use only for hand cleaning.
Description – Selected refined solvents, biodegradable penetrants, emulsifiers, Lanolin and refined apple fragrance ingredient.

pH Factor – 9:3 – 11.00
Toxicity – Non-Toxic, non-corrosive
Flammability – Non-flammable.