Product Details

Product Characteristics

Appearance: Colorless liquid
Specific gravity: 1 at 20°C
pH 1% solution: 9.0 ± 1.0
Flash Point: None.
Compatibility: Avoid aluminium and copper

HYDRAZINE is for use in boiler feed water and condensate systems to scavenge oxygen and maintain passive metal surfaces.

HYDRAZINE reacts with the oxide film on steel surfaces in a boiler system to from a magnetite layer, which gives metal protection. This “passivation” technique is useful for pretreatment of new boiler plant and for protection of boilers during idle and storage periods.

HYDRAZINE may be used in all sizes and types of boilers but is particularly suited for use at high pressures where oxygen corrosion becomes rapid and where metallic corrosion products can quickly lead to overheating and failure of generating tubes.


The amount of HYDRAZINE required will depend on the amount of dissolved oxygen present in the feed water. Your FALCHEM Representative will give advice on the most economical do sage for any
particular application.

HYDRAZINE must be added continuously by means of a chemical pump at the earliest practicable point in the feed system e.g. the deaerator storage or condenser extraction pump discharge.
For low pressure auxiliary boiler HYDRAZINE can be injected in the water feed line after recalculation point, or directly into the hot well.

HYDRAZINE can be fed neat or in any convenient dilution. Dilution should be carried out using condensate or deserted water.
Initial dosage for untreated system is 100 mls per ton. Of water. Dosage will be increased or reduced in accordance with result of HYDRAZINE test. Generally daily dosage of 1 litre for a boiler 10 tons of water capacity will keep the recommended value. Control of HYDRAZINE level is made by a simple test.
Consult our water treatment manual.