Product Details

LUBE-SIL is a highly concentrated multi-usage silicone spray.

REDUCES FRICTION – LUBE-SIL greatly reduces friction and static-electricity build-ups on treated surfaces.

SAFE – LUBE-SIL is non flammable and non-toxic for maximum safety.
HARMLESS ON SURFACES – LUBE-SIL cannot harm metals, fabrics, rubbers, woods, leather or plastics.

ODORLESS – No unpleasant odor for use even on machineries in food, packaging or wrapping materials.

RESIDUE FREE – Contains no resins, grease or sticky petroleum residue and does not attract dirt, dust etc. Treated surfaces shed adhesives, inks, paint and resins.

STABLE UNDER TEMPERATURES – Effective in extremes of temperature – 40°C to 200°C, Excellent for use in hot or cold applications.

COLORLESS – Special stable formulation will not yellow with age.

EVEN COVERAGE – Even coverage is possible with specially designed self-leveling formulation.

LUBE-SIL is ideal for use by:
Woodworking plants to reduce friction on cutting blades; textile plants on sewing machine needles; furniture showrooms on drawer runners; supermarkets to lubricate food packaging equipment, meat saws, grinders, cutters, shredders; printers to enable paper to slide freely over tables and machine surfaces, prevent ink build-ups on equipment, prevent glues causing difficulties in bookbinding; offices for maintaining free movement of curtain rails and sliding windows, rails;

LUBE-SIL has many applications in the food industry – both in processing and packaging i.e., meat processing plants, bakeries, bottling plants, sugar plants, dairies, feed-mills, candy manufacturers,
restaurants, and confectionery plants.

LUBE-SIL is equally invaluable as a release agent for use in all form of plastic molding, or for various applications in rubber manufacturers, and electronic and camera industries.

LUBE-SIL is also excellent in applications whereby water-repellency is desired. LUBE-SIL helps to enhance surface finish of vinyl, leather, plastics, Formica, rubber etc.


  • Apply to clean surface. Hold can about 8 in, from surface and spray to a thin layer.
  • Wipe off excess LUBESIL with a clean cloth. Avoid over-spraying.
  • No more than 10ppm residue is allowed in food.