Product Details

  •  Readily removes light rust and rust stains from metal and non-metal surfaces.
  •  Protects metal surface with light phosphate coating
  •  Acts as a rust proofing agent before the application of paints and coatings.
  •  No flammable, does not affect rubber or plastic compounds.
  •  May be used with specific range of FALCHEM® products.
  •  Rapid penetration, wetting and rinsing.
  •  Cost effective, easy to apply and use.

A. Dosing procedure

The quantity of FALCHEM METAL BRITE to be used cannot be directly specified, since it depends on the cleaning results desired and situation at hand. The user is the one responsible to regulate the quantity needed. However, when the cleaning application is determined, FALCHEM METAL BRITE must be used diluted with fresh water with a percentage concentration ranging from 10-50% depending on the desired strength of the solution. Note that a 10% solution is sufficiently strong can be use for most general/everyday situations involving rust. The 50% solutions is recommended when we have very difficult cases, involving areas that are very heavily encrusted with rust.

B. Cleaning procedure.

Before application, when affected area has been determined, ensure the absence of oil, grease or other foreign matter. Than prepare the desired concentration solution. The solution may now be applied either by brushing and/or injection. Smaller parts may be immersed directly into prepared solution. In all of the above situations, you must allow FALCHEM