Product Details

• SAFTY TO USE – Multi-Kleen contains no free alkalis ammonia nor acid, can be used on all water safe surface and will not harm normal skin.
• DEEP CLEANING ACTION – Specially formulated to deeply clean all washable surfaces reducing costly, time-consuming scrubbing and raising actions.
• QUICK ACTION – Blended with a unique penetrating agent that will “lift” dirt out of surface pores, emulsifies oil and grease for easy mop-up operations.
• ECONOMICAL – High concentration formula Multi-Kleen can be diluted 1 : 20 to 1: 60 parts water without loosing cleaning efficiency.
A multi purpose cleaner, eliminates the need to keep different blends of cleaners.
• HARD WATER EFFECTIVE – MULTI-KLEEN works well in cold or hard water.
• WAX SAFE – Can be safely used regularly on wax finishes on floors or woodworks.