Product Details

  •  Economical – no solvents required to remove film.
  •  Easily peel-able – holds on to but does not stick to surfaces which it is applied.
  •  Transparent.
  •  High strength – when properly coated, the film will come off in sheets, not small pieces.
  •  Abrasion resistant – the film is not easily damaged by normal handling.
  • The non-porous substance must be clean and free of foreign contaminations to ensure proper strip-ability of the coating, when applying over surfaces, check to ensure than the product will not cause a solvent action on the material.
  • Apply by brushing, dipping or spraying. Best results are normally obtained when applying to a smooth surface instead of rough surface. Increased film thickness improves stripping characteristics of the coating.
  • Apply at least two or three coats, allowing at least 10-15mins intervals before applying new coat.