Product Details

FALCHEM Red Insulation Varnish penetrates through multiple layers of coil leaving a tough flexible film with high-adhesion characteristics, exceptional guard resistance and non tracking properties. Increase in the toughness with aging and increased temperature. Grease and lubricants do not soften, spot or penetrate the finish. Won’t crack or deteriorate, resists oil water, acid and alkaline.

1) Surface preparations: Remove dust, dirt oil and grease. Dry the surface and mask area not
to be spray.
2) Shake can vigorously until agitator ball moves freely. Repeat during use.
3) Test spray on inconspicuous area or scrap piece to check compatibility.
4) Sprays correctly hold can 10 to 12 inches from surface use a striking motion. For best result
paint at 70F to 80F
5) Clean valve after use ,invert can and spray until only pressure escape, if spray button
becomes clogged, pull it out and clean with a fine needle, rinse in lacquer thinner and
replace spray button.

DI-ELECTRIC STRENGHT- DRY—- 1000 volts per mil
WET—–350 volts per mil
To use on rewind motor, winding old or new starter winding armature coils, commutator and rings
switch board parts, excellent sealer on pitted windings previously treated with baked enamel.