Product Details

• ECONOMICAL – Highly concentrated formula for dilution up to 10 parts water. Use according to strength required
• EASY TO USE – Simply spray on hose off application do not require specially trained labor.
• FAST ACTION – No scrubbing or agitation is necessary as special penetrating agents quickly break up oily grime, dirt and air-borne industrial impurities.
• PROLONG EQUIPMENT LIFE – regular preventive maintenance program using SAFE ACID COIL CLEANER will increase condenser life and saves costly equipment replacement and downtime.
• SAVES ENERGY DOLLARS – when used regularly, saves many dollars by causing airconditioning systems to run at peak efficiency with cleaner condenser coils.

  • Use only plastic acid resistant sprayers or similar applicators. Dilute one part SAFEACID COIL CLEANER with 2 to 10 parts water. Shut off unit. Hose down condenser coil to coil fins. Start at top of condenser and work gradually downwards. Allow up to 10 minutes for penetration of built up dirt layer.
  • Flush with water and allow fins to dry. No scrubbing or agitation is necessary.
  • For heavy built up dirty fins, repeat process. Thoroughly rinse all applicators that were used with SAFEACID COIL CLEANER.