Product Details

Slightly alkaline liquid compound containing sequestrating agents. Non toxic, safe to use on all common metals and standard gaskets.

Descaling of boilers and diesel engine cooling systems while in service.

The use of SCALE DISPERSANT reduces water hardness, its descaling properties allow cleaning the circuits slowly time to time in order to not support direct scale block removal.


For boiler cleaning: dose SCALE DISPERSANT at the rate of 1 liter per ton of water for at least 30 days, if necessary extend the treatment for another 30 days, at half dosage rate.
For better result use in addition
LIQUID COAGULANT at rate of 0.5 liter per ton of water with blow down every 24 hrs, after dosing SCALE DISPERSANT.

During this period the value of P-alkalinity should be keep at standard limits, using B.W.T. ONE SHOT and/or ALKALINITY CONTROL.
Cleaning of diesel engine cooling system: Dose SCALE DISPERSANT at the rate of 2 liters per ton of water in the systems; on following days add 1 liters of product every 5 tons of water.
Do not stop the normal treatment of Fal-Cool 2K keeping nitrite level between 1500 and 2000 PPM, blow down once a day at least 200-300 liters of water from the lowest spot of the circuit when operating the pH has to be between 8.5/9.5 adjusting with ALKALINITY CONTROL.

Alkaline solution. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged or repeated contact with skin, may cause irritation.

Appearance: Liquid clear pale yellow.
pH 1% solution:10.5
Flash Point: None.
Specific gravity:1.0