Product Details

  •  Effective solvent.
  •  Penetrates stubborn grease and grimes on most surfaces
  •  Concentrated product for economical use.
  •  Safe to use on most metals.
  •  Compatible to use with other range of FALCHEM products


Spray the object to be cleaned until they are thoroughly dampened with undiluted FALCHEM SOLVATE . let the product react for 30-60 minutes, than rinse objects thoroughly with water.


  • Fill the cooling system with an emulsion of FALCHEM SOLVATE and water. Depending on the degree of contamination, 100 liters of cleaning liquid should contain 5-10 liters of FAlchem solvate .
  • Allow this emulsion to circulate for 12 – 24 hours at maximum temperature of 60ºC. after this operation, drain the cleaning liquid and rinse system thoroughly with water until the outlet water remains clear.
  • Add cooling water treatment into the system.


Pre-washing of tank before using FALCHEM SOLVATE  it is recommended that to pre-wash with hot water at approx. 60ºC, except for drying and semi-drying oils where a pre-wash with cold water should be applied.