Product Details

  •  ECONOMICAL – Highly concentrated and can be diluted 1 to 70 parts with water. Greatly reduces scale and lime build-ups in steam cleaning units resulting in no clogged cols.
    Keeps equipment constantly in operation and reduces maintenance and replacement cost.
  •  NO HARSH FUMES – Formulated for use without emitting unbearable fumes or harsh odors.
  •  SAFE TO USE – Will not attack, affect commonly used paints, coatings or vital metals like steel and aluminum.
  •  NO RUSTING – Specially blended with rust inhibitors to protect against corrosion on metal surfaces associated with conventional water base steam cleaners.
  •  FAST CLEANING ACTION – Save labor cost and time as treated surfaces need not be rinsed. Simply allow surface to dry.
  •  VERSATILE – Effective both in soft or hard water and can be safely used in areas where food is handled or processed.
  •  NON-FLAMMABLE – Can be safely used without danger of fire.

Use in steam cleaners with connected feed into the coils. Add 1:20 parts with water. Set flow rate to the required suds blacket on surface being treated for rapid cleaning. If pre-mix tank is available, dilute 1:20 parts of water in the tank. Set mix rate to produce a proper foam blanket for effective cleaning.