Product Details

  • Completely removes heavy carbon, grease, oil, varnish and other deposits as well as old paint, resins and lacquer coatings.
  • Acts quickly and thoroughly.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Non corrosive to most metal surfaces and parts, except those made from soft mild steel and cast iron.
  • Extraordinary results achieved under ambient cleaning conditions thus eliminating the need for
  • mechanical means requiring heat.
  • Contains strong corrosion inhibitor.
  • Has effects on rubber and plastic compounds.
  • Can be combined with other range of Falchem® products for more effective cleaning.
  • Can be recycled for further use: the same amount of Falchem Super-Sol can be used for several different jobs.
  • Cost effective, easy to use and apply.


SUPER-SOL is recommended for use to remove carbon, paints, and soil from automotive parts, marine equipment, diesel and air-craft engines. It is extremely effective for the removal of varnish from burnt out electric motors as well as oxidized inks from printing equipment.
Other areas of use include: Diesel Repair Shops, Equipment Dealers, Oil Field Services, Fleet Operators, Machine Shop, etc.
Meets or exceeds the requirement of the USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry as plants.