Product Details

FALCHEM ULTRASONIC CLEANER is a low foaming mild alkaline liquid. It can be used on all common metals except zinc, galvanized materials and some magnesium alloys. We advise to test light metals alloys (aluminum/magnesium alloys etc.) i.e. pistons, turbo blower parts etc. in advance for 5-10minutes.
Suitable on synthetic materials, rubber and cured lacquers.

• Suitable for use on all common metals (except zinc and some magnesium alloys).
• Designed for ultrasonic equipment.
• Easy to dispose.
• Low foaming so can be used in cleaning machines.

The components to be cleaned can, if necessary, be degreased with DEGREASER H-CLEAN, Lectrovate or Electrovate. Depending on the degree of contamination. FALCHEM ULTRASONIC CLEANER should be used in a 5-25% solution in water at a temperature of 50 -70°C. Dismantle the equipment to be cleaned (i.e.: remove top and bottom rings from filter candles), put the components in the bath taking care that the elements are completely immersed and kept separate. We recommend a cleaning time of 5-30 minutes but longer if necessary. Take the elements out of the bath and spray with a powerful water jet. After drying, ANTI MOISTURE SPRAY can be used to preserve the elements. The cleaning solution has to be renewed and the bath the parts cannot be cleaned effectively.

FALCHEM ULTRASONIC CLEANER is, depending on the nature and degree of contamination, applied in an approx. 4% solution in cleaning machine and cleaned for 30-60 min. at a temperature of 60-90°C. Finally rinse with water.