Product Details

When used regularly, Falchem walnut shells increase significantly the time between maintenance services. Obviously, maintaining the turbine in a perfectly clean condition gives
trouble-free operation and improves efficiency.

Follow the instructions of the manufacturer of blower turbines.

As an indication, an average dosage for a 8,000 to 10,000 HP engine would be 0.6-0.8 dm3 of Falchem walnut shell injected daily in the blower turbine.

Instead of water, dry solid bodies in the form of granules like Falchem walnut shell are used for cleaning. A certain quantity of them, depending on the turbocharger size, is blown by compressed air into the exhaust gas lines before the gas inlet casing.

On account of their hardness and composition (natural solid granules size 1.3-1.7mm.) Falchem walnut shells have an excellent mechanical cleaning effect (soft blast). As a rule, a turbine should be cleaned every 24 to 48 hours of operation.