Product Details

Falchem WRP is a wire rope lubricant and protective for use in industrial, mining and marine environments. It contains anti-rust additives.
White spirits is also incorporated to permit easy application and to ensure effective penetration of the rope.

Falchem WRP provides excellent corrosion protection and lubrication for wire ropes in industrial, mining and marine applications. It is particularly recommended for use as ‘core’ lubricant in the manufacture if wire ropes for marine use. Falchem WRP should be applied, preferably when the rope is dry, by brush, swab or by mechanical application. At temperatures below 0°C, additional white spirit (up to 10%) may be thoroughly mixed with WRP to assist in its application and understand penetration. At the 10% dilution, WRP can be effectively brush down to 30°C. The quantity of Falchem WRP required to ‘dress’ a rope may be estimated as follows:

W = 0.0015 DL
Where W = Weight of Falchem WRP in kilograms
D = Diameter of rope in Millimeters
L = Length of rope in Meters
E.g. A rope 30 meters long and 20mm diameter would require 0.9 kilograms of Falchem WRP.