Falchem Hand Sanitizer

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FALCHEM HAND SANITIZER is a gel hand sanitizer, killing 99.999% of germs without water. Perfect for food establishments and kitchens. Ready-to-use product, no dilution required.
FALCHEM HAND SANITIZER is highly effective (99.999% effective), rinse-free and non-sticky, no residue left behind, No added fragrance or colour. Fast drying, skin-friendly formula, suitable for children above 5 years old, due to gel formulation it will not splash on eyes. Non-toxic, safe-to-use.

Packing : 5 LTRS HDPE pail & 24 X 500ML carton with hand pump dispenser


BS EN 1040 2005 STANDARD

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1. Make sure all Organic matter is removed from hands
2. Apply a dime sized amount of hand sanitizer to palm of hand
3. Rub hands together covering all surfaces of hands and fingers
4. Wet hands thouroughly with product and allow to dry without wiping