Lanopro 20-30G

Product Details

Lanopro Wire Oil 20-30 G is a light blue, semi-thick liquid grease with excellent penetration
and corrosion resisting properties expecially developed to protect wire ropes.
Lanopro Wire Oil 20-30 G is a oily product which is completely non-toxic and does not
create an environmental footprint. It is a premium grade oil formulation for frequent use
in harsh conditions, whilst minimising lubricant build up and abrasive particle contamination.
Designed for maximum lubrication and protection against degradation and corrosion.
The product forms a protective shield and will if heated penetrate deep in to the wire.
It can be applied by brush or broom, but it is highly recomended to use a sprayer with heat
(between 30°C to 50°C) to make the product thin so it penetrates the wire. (lanopro have
suiteable equipment on request). Suitable for wires and chains on ie. tower cranes, mobile
cranes and dockside cranes. Can also be used for other open applications where it is necessary
with good lubrica- tion and penetration.

Lanopro Wire Oil 20-30 G is compatible with most mineral oils or other petroleum based
products. However, a test before application is recommended.

It is recommended to stir before use. Apply with a soft bristle brush or broom, a long nap
roller, or suitable spray equipment. Using an airless spray system is recommended. The oil
can be used on both wet and dry surfaces. Under cold (<5°C) conditions it is beneficial to heat the product (25°C to 35°C is the ideal temperature) for better flow and spray ability. Coverage rates will vary depending on porosity of surface as well as speed of the application. Avoid applying unless temperature is 0°C or higher (refer to heating of the coating).