Falchem Fueloil Biocide

Enerchem provide on-site consultancy to various industries for each, their specific needs. We study, provide comprehensive analytical reports and professional advice for improvement on environmental and industrial chemical process controls.

On-site Environmental Care & Pollutant Contamination Crisis management

Provide on-site, professional advice and the supply, delivery and application management of counter-measures to combat pollutant or environmental crisises.

Industrial Chemical process Control Consultancy

Provide sound professional advice on affluent control measures for various industrial processes.

Industrial Process Chemical Requirements Analysis

Provide sound professional advice for various industrial processes chemical requirements.

Laboratory Analysis Services

Provide accurate, timely laboratory testing of chemicals affluent, by-roducts, pollutant or any other requirements for various industries.

Customized Formulation Development

Provide R&D to help formulate compound for specific, special requirements for various industries.

Water Treatment Services

Provide bacteria test as well as other test for boiler, cooling, closed system water tests & special requirements for various industries.


  • Legionella Bacteria Test For Cooling Water
  • Bacteria Count In The Water
  • Drinking Water Test
  • Test Kit For Boiler Water Treatment
  • Test Kit For Cooling Water Treatment
  • Test Kit For Closed Water System

Auxillary Service - We Provide Test Kits For:

  • PH Test
  • Conductivity Test
  • Calcium Hardness Test
  • Chloride Ion Test
  • Silica Ion Test
  • Phosphate Ion Test
  • Nitrate Ion Test

Key Benefits

  • Cost Saving In Own Lab
  • Convenience For Ad Hoc Test Requirements
  • Save On Manpower, Time & Effort In
  • Conducting Tests