Product Details

  • DOWEX™ HCR-S cation exchange resin is a high capacity resin with excellent kinetics and good physical, chemical and thermal stability.
  • DOWEX HCR-S cation exchange resin is well suited for industrial water softening and demineralization in the co-current mode of regeneration.
Typical Physical and Chemical Properties Na+ form H+ form
Water Content % 44-48 50-56
Whole uncracked beads % 90-100 90-100
Total swelling (NA+ –> H+) % 8 8
Particle Density g/mL 1.28 1.22
Shipping Weight g/L 820 780
lbs/ft3 51 49


Recommended Operating Conditions

Maximum operating temperature: 120°c (250°F)
pH range 0-14
Bed depth, min. 800mm (2.6ft)
Flow rates:
Service/fast rinse 5-50m/h (2-20 gpm/ft2)
Backwash See figure 1
Co-current regeneration/displacement rinse 1-10m/h (0.4-4 gpm/ft2
Total rinse requirement 3-6 Bed volumes
Regenerant: 1-8% H2SO4, 4-8% HCI or
8-12% NaCI