Product Details

  •  Compatible to use with all alkaline water based cleaning chemicals.
  •  A liquid mixture that is water-soluble, non-flammable and biodegradable.
  •  No effect on rubber or plastic compounds.
  •  Retains chemical cleaning applications on treated surfaces.
  •  Cost effective, easy to apply and use.

A. Dosing Procedure

FOAM PLUS must be used in quantities proportional, to the tank surface area that is to be covered, the extent of the contamination, the available downtime and the application method being used. Therefore, various concentrated solutions can be tried and tested, in order to obtain the optimal amount for the job in hand. In general, 50-100 ml of FOAM PLUS is adequate per 10 liters of washing solution.

B. Use

FOAM PLUS may be used in aqueous solutions with alkaline cleaning chemicals so that during the application procedure, as described in the individual catalog sheets of each cleaning chemical, the final
product is applied in the form of foam by a high pressure machine or a regular air powered paint-spray thick nozzle unit.