Product Details

  •  Concentrated degreasing solution, ideal for use in cleaning cargo tanks, deep tanks, bilges and pipelines.
  •  Non-corrosive and of low toxicity.
  •  When mixed with water, a milky white emulsion is formed.
  •  No known effect on rubber or plastic compounds.
  •  May be applied to all kinds and types of metal surfaces, painted or not.
  •  May be combined with a specific range of FALCHEM products.

A. Dosing Procedure

The quantity of TANK CLEANER to be used is proportional to the tank capacity, the level of contamination and the degree of cleaning required, as such; appropriate dosing can be decided by
consulting the table found below.

NOTE: – The dosage to be used must be based on the total tank capacity and not on the water percentage to be ballasted in the tank.