Lanopro Wire Rope Grease ST2 EAL

Product Details

Lanopro Wire Grease ST2 EAL (formally Lanopro 50-70 G) is a biodegradable lubrication and protection for steel ropes.
It is a premium grade coating designed for maximum protection against degradation and
corrosion of the steel. The product forms a protective shield which protects against harsh
conditions and corrosion. It also lubricates between the individual strings to avoid friction
that can damage the steel rope. The grease will not crack or peel, and will prevent mildew
while offering unbeatable weather-proof protection and excellent resistance under the most
demanding conditions.

If a semi-dry film is needed, or easier application, Lanopro Wire & Chain Spray 52-10 G
is recommended. For wire oil it is recommended to use Lanopro 20-10 G.

Apply with a soft bristle brush or broom. Using an pressure lubricator is recommended
(Lanopro can provide such equipment on request). The speed of application has to be
regulated to make sure that the entire steel rope is covered, and lubricated between the
strings. Speed recommendation is uk lanopro wire grease ST2 EALĀ - spec Oil 20-10 G is recommended, as it is easy to apply with a sprayer.