Product Details

• ECONOMICAL – highly concentrated formula, ALUM-BRITE is effective even with dilution up to 10 parts of water. It works by quickly cuts through build ups such as road film oil, diesel
smoke residues and corrosion. Allows for usage according to strength required.
• FAST ACTION AND STREAK FREE – requires no neutralizing after application as ALUMBRITE is 100% soluble leaving no residue to streak.
Can be easily rinsed in an even glare free surface.
• POWERFUL – specially formulated with refined penetrants to dissolve even the heaviest road film.
• STABLE IN STORAGE – ALUM-BRITE will not deteriorate even when stored in areas of consistent temperature changes.
• VERSATILE – can also be used to remove scale and corrosion from metal surfaces exposed to weather.

In wall units remote cooling ceiling units refrigeration chiller coils or any chiller and cooler units of air conditioning systems.

Dilute according to strength needed from 1 part ALUM-BRITE to as much as 20 parts of water for light application. Wet glass areas with water before applying on the aluminum surface. Allow a few minutes for ALUM-BRITE to act, than rinsed with quantities of water. For stubborn deposits repeated application may be necessary or slightly brush with any soft cotton mopping applicator.