Product Details

THREE-IN-ONE-PRODUCT – Specially formulated to CLEAN, DISINFECT and DEODORISE in one operation.

DEEP CLEANING ACTION – Highly active ingredients allow quick penetration and removal of heavy stains, lime and rust films from the most abused bowl and urinals; including hard-water scales.

HYGENIC – BOWL-BRITE disinfects a wide spectrum of germicides to eliminate various types of health hazards normally present in restrooms. It kills odors and bacteria at source.

EXCELLENT BLEACHING POWER – Contains refined bleaching agents to remove unsightly yellow stains from white surfaces.

MORE THAN JUST SURFACE CLEANING – The active ingredients in BOWL-BRITE do not only cleans at surface level. When flushed, the cleaning and disinfecting actions continue in the
pipelines to descale and destroy odor-producing bacteria.

To Clean:

Pour generous portion of BOWL-BRITE on a bowl-swap and work on entire inside area of bowl. Flush toilet and rinse the bowl-swap.

To Disinfect:

Pour approximately 1 – ½ ounces of BOWL-BRITE into toilet bowl water. Swab bowl area, cover and seat with solution then rinse with water.
Meets or exceeds the requirements of USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants for use as a cleaner, disinfectant.