Product Details

DRAIN OUT – is a specially blended strong solvent to dissolve all organic blockages on contact.

• HEAVIER THAN WATER – DRAIN-OUT is specially formulated to weigh twice as much as water
so that it can quickly ‘sink’ to the source of stoppages with little loss of effectiveness.

• FLASHBACK ELIMINATED – Controlled activation of DRAIN-OUT reduces the risk of dangerous

• RESTORES DRAIN-PIPE DIAMETER – Drain pipes accumulate grease, soft scales films and
slime. Such build-up causes drain-pipe to lose their efficiency, and to a point where it’s diameter will
shrink to an extent that stops normal flows. Regular preventive maintenance usages with DRAIN-OUT
safely removes these deposits and prevent the shrinkage in traps, cross pipes, elbows and other areas
near the drain openings. A free flowing line at all times is thus ensured.

• FAST ACTION – Works fast to dissolve common organic stoppages like sanitary napkins, grease,
soap, paper, cloths, cigarette butts, and petroleum greases etc. Alien material not dissolved by DRAINOUT
is released once the organic “binders” are gone.

• SAFE ON PIPES – DRAIN-OUT is blended only to work on organic matter and will not attack PVC
pipes, copper, rubber and other pipe fittings within the drain system.

• ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE – DRAIN-OUT is neutralized when diluted with large volumes of
drain water. As such, it will not affect septic tank operation or create harmful contents to the environment.

1. First remove excess water from drain, sink or toilet.
2. Pour approximately 5 oz. directly into area of chokes.
3. Allow 5 to 8 minutes for penetration. Flush with water and repeat if necessary.
4. Use about 3 to 5 oz regularly for PREVENTION MAINTENANCE.

DRAIN-OUT is ideal for use in schools, hotels, industrial plants, commercial complexes, commercial kitchens, shipyards, military camps, airports, apartment complexes, public complexes etc.