Product Details

  •  Biodegradable.
  •  Easy to use.
  •  Non toxic and safe.
  •  Multiple dilution ratios for different usage.
  •  Suitable for use with spray guns.

During general cleaning FALCHEM ENVIROCLEAN can be used anywhere dirt, grease and oil contaminations are present. Applications can be done by brush, spray cans, ultrasonic tank system, bath
immersion with neat product of diluted according to the type and amount of contamination to be removes.


When using automatic tank wash system by direct injection in to the BWT line or gun cleaner the necessary solution has to be 0,5 1 per mille approx. when using recirculation method from one tank to the next one, keep same cleaning solution for approx. 4 – 5 tanks depending on the tanks capacity and on the existing
contamination, in this case the concentration of product in water has to be approx. 3% – 4%.


When necessary the product has to be use undiluted, spray onto the surface and allow to soak for 30” approx. before washing off with plenty of water. Best cleaning results are obtained when chemical
reactions occur together with the solution heated up till approx. 40 to 60ºC.

FALCHEM ENVIROCLEAN is compatible also in most of tank coats types; in any case please check the pH of the paint coat or revert to us for further technical information’s.