Product Details

• Deep cleaning action, excellent chemical containing powerful cleaning agents capable of removing deeply embedded soil, grease and mud.
• Optical brightener, contains and optical brightener that actually restores sharp color and texture to expensive weaves of carpeting that have been dulled by soil, artificial light rays, cleaning compounds, and atmospheric pollutants.
• Deodorizes, powerful cleaning agents make odor free by removing greases and oils.
• Economical, high dilution rate makes cleaning very economical.

Mix ¼ liter (1 cup) of Fabric stain remover with enough water to make four liters (one gallon) of solution.
Before starting to clean, soak for 20 minutes. Use only enough solution to work up light foam. Scrub a small area at a time. For stubborn stains, apply about 3 to 5ml of Fabric stain remover direct on stain area and apply light rubbing on fabric prior to machine or hand wash.