Product Details

  • METAL SAFE – Non corrosive and will not harm steel, aluminum, iron, brick, concrete and most hard surfaces.
  • NON-FLAMMABLE – Can be safely used without the hazard of fire.
  • EASY TO USE – No special preparation needed, can be easily applied by brushing, or dipping for
    small surfaces. Reduces maintenance time and cost requires no mixing or clean before re-painting measuring.
  •  EXCELLENT FOR SURFACE PREPARATION – Contains no harsh alkaline or acids – leaves neutralized surface ready for re-finishing.

Brush or apply a leave coat of P-STRIPP on area to be treated. Let P-STRIPP to activate until paint
wrinkles and looks spongy. Hose off loosen paint with water or remove with scraper. For several layers of
build-up paints, repeat process when necessary. Best working temperature is from 10°C and above. Rinse