Product Details

  • Suitable for use with polyamide thin film composite and cellulose acetate membranes.
  • Concentrated liquid product for ease of use.
  • Effective cleaner, for removing organic deposits from membranes.
  • Has a wide range of applications and compatibility with many other cleaners.
  • Has efficiency in reducing bio fouling.

During normal operation, reverse osmosis and other membranes can become fouled, which greatly reduces the efficiency of the system. Deposits build up on the membrane until they cause a reduction in normalized permeate flow, increases n differential pressure and losses in salt rejection. The effects of fouling can lead to poor water quality, loss in production, unscheduled downtime and premature membrane replacement.

A regular maintenance and cleaning program can provide a significant return on investment by extending system runtime, preventing membrane degradation, maintaining lower feed pressures and extending the membrane’s life. Falchem® R.O Cleaner should always be used as recommended by the membrane manufacturer with respect to pH, temperature, flow rate and differential pressure.