Product Details

  •  Economical Dilutes up to 1: 20 water for effective cleaning. Use according to strength required.
  •  Powerful Special penetrating emulsifier works effectively on grease, oil, soil, dyes and inks etc.
  •  Non-Flammable contains no solvents and is 100% fire-proof.
  •  Versatile can be used on all water safe surfaces including metal, concrete rubber, plastic etc.
  •  Biodegradable No suds problem and is completely biodegradable.
  •  Adds substantial degree of safety to washing process due to its non caustic base.
  •  Minimizes the extreme hazards to ships personnel is handling caustic based materials


Solid dirt’s are not removed by sapomification or emulsification. Falchem Renovate breaks up agglomerated masses into small fine particles which repel each other.

Spray application – dilute RENOVATE with up to 10 parts water for general cleaning. Apply with a poly sprayer on surface to be cleaned and let it remain for a few seconds, wipe dry or hose off surface.

Mop application – dilute RENOVATE and apply mopping action. Light agitation may be necessary for very heavy deposits of soils. Hose off broken up residues with clear water, or mop up excess with clean or damp mop.