Product Details

Grade Test Method RUSTSHIELD Units
Density @ 15°c ASTM D 1298 Kg/Liters 0.850
Flash Point(PMC) ASTM D 93 °c 45
De-Watering Test BS 1133, Sept 6 Moderate
Appearance AppB Viscous, dark brown
Coverage m2/Liter 18

Typical Protection in Average
Storage conditions

Indoors Months * 24
Outdoors(covered) Months * 18
Exposed Months * 12

Protection time can be extended considerably by precautions such as over – wrapping and controlled environment.

The above figures are typical of those obtained with normal production tolerances and do not constitute a specification.

RUSTSHIELD can be applied by dipping, brushing, spraying or swabbing. Dipping is normally preferred : the article should be should be submerged completely and agitated to
free it from air or water. If articles are very wet, dipping times should be sufficiently long and have adequate agitation to enable the displaced water to drain off. Spraying is
recommended where dipping is not practical and brushing would be too laborious.
Positive – displacement sprays with a coarse nozzle are recommended to prevent the premature evaporation of finely atomized particles of solvent.