Product Details

  • Supplied in liquid form and can be used conveniently as received. Applied neat.
  • Reduces soot & slag deposits by changing them into dry, powdery ashes which are easily removed by normal soot blowing.
  • Reduces cold end corrosion by neutralizing sulphuric acid formation when the temp. is lower than the dew point of exhaust gases.
  • Improves heat transfer & increased boiler efficiency with optimum fuel energy. Also, a well maintained exhaust gas system will lower risk of soot fires.

Where bad quality fuel is suspect and emission of cinders at the exhaust outlet becomes heavy, daily dosages are recommended until condition improved.
Application can be carried out with a pressure pot of 20 liters capacity. An injection lance with a nozzle, 2.5 mm diameter hole size and 45 deg fan width is fitted either at turbocharger.
Propulsion of the soot remover liquid is activated by introducing compressed air of 7 kg/cm2 pressure.
Following after each application, a similar quantity of water should be injected in the same manner as this will facilitate cleaning up of the lance and nozzle.