Product Details

  •  Effective solvent.
  •  Contains corrosion inhibitor.
  •  Penetrates and softens the stubborn carbon deposits.
  •  Concentrated product for economical use.
  •  Safe to use on most metals.

During operation, the fins and tubes of main engine air cooler become fouled with oil, grease, dust and carbonaceous matter. These substances are contaminants of air in the engine room and get deposited on the cooling surface. Deposits of these materials adversely affect the efficiency of air coolers, air compressor exhaust valves and other engine room equipment.

FALCHEM AIR COOLER CLEANER (ACC) penetrates the deposits, dissolving oily matter and loosening insoluble solids, so that they can be easily removed with compressed air or a stream of water.
This chemical is also used for cleaning the discs of the oil purifier centrifuges. Following are the recommended procedures for using FALCHEM AIR COOLER CLEANER (ACC).


FALCHEM AIR COOLER CLEANER (ACC) may be sprayed on the soiled parts, using a pressure spray system.
After allowing the chemical to soak the oily deposits, the parts are cleaned with highpressure water jet.