Product Details

  •  Specially formulated composition.
  •  Advanced polymer technology.
  •  Suits all types of water and boiler.
  •  Prevents scale formation due to hardness.
  •  Prevents scale or corrosion deposits.
  •  Prevents foaming and foaming carry over.

FALCHEM ALKALINITY CONTROL is dosed along with the feed water depending on the water parameters and boiler working conditions.

FALCHEM ALKALINITY CONTROL (BWT QC3) is easily miscible with water and can be added to either to the feed water tank or to the feed water line directly.

FALCHEM ALKALINITY CONTROL dosing is determined taking into consideration the amount of steam produced per shift/day. The chemical can be added either once in a shift or once in a day.
Along with soft water the chemical can be dosed at a much lower dose, to get optimum efficiency and economy.

For boilers operating above 100-PSI pressure, we recommend the use of our oxygen scavenger chemical formulation OXYGEN CONTROL. This chemical removes the oxygen from the system instantaneously and avoids the corrosion due to oxygen.