Product Details

D – LUBE is a tough dry moly sulfide lubricant specially formulated for use in all applications where a high pressure, high temperature, DRY lubricant is desired.

NO DRIPPING OR SLINGING- D-LUBE forms a tough dry coating that adheres to metal surfaces and will not dip or sling off even subjected to centrifugal forces.

LUBRICATES AND PROTECTS – Excellent for use as a lubricant where conventional oils and greases are not suitable.
Moly contents plate out filling asperities normally present even on highly polished surfaces. This prevents abrasion from metal-to-metal contact.

RESISTS DUST AND ABRASIVE PARTICLES – D-LUBE offers outstanding dry coating protection even under great pressures.
It does not attract abrasive particles which cause dangerous friction, wear and damages.

EXCELLENT ANTI-RUST PROPERTIES – Helps protect metal surfaces against moisture which causes rust and corrosion and other industrial contaminants.

SAFE TO USE – D-LUBE is non-flammable, non conductive and will not harm metals, most plastics, leather, rubber and other elastomers.

RESIST HIGH TEMPERATURE AND PRESSURES – D-LUBE remains stable within temperatures from – 180°C to 410°C and cannot be squeezed out even up to 6,500 atm (100,000 psi).


In all areas where friction presents a problem, i.e., hinges, pins, thread parts, pistons, cylinders, valves, gears, cams, latches, actuators, printing machinery, playground equipment.

D-LUBE is ideal for use to replace graphite in many situations i.e., on hinges or areas in heating operations, or metal slides and rollers in kilns and ovens.

D-LUBE is also widely used in the mining, aerospace, textile, marine, transportation, metal working, construction, and petroleum and cold storage industries.

Commercial complexes, schools, hotels, military camp, power stations, industrial plants and apartment complexes use D-LUBE for locks, doors, hinges sliding devices, fences and hard to reach surfaces.

Shake can vigorously. Spray from a distance in a sweeping manner on dry and clean surfaces where treatment is desired. Before storing after each use, inverts can and spray a short jet to clear nozzle.