Product Details

  •  Effective against bacteria and algae in oil
  •  Special surface active component ensures complete coverage over large areas
  •  Simple control and monitoring program
  •  The product is non-toxic and evaluation of LC 50* value meets the IMO regulations.


  •  Colour : Light Brownish liquid
  •  Specific gravity (20°C) : 1,01
  •  Flash Point : None

Fueloil Biocide is used in oil storage facilities, which have problems due to bacteria colonization and/or algae in the oil/water surface.

Sterilization of luboil systems

After severe contamination, all areas should be cleaned manually to remove sludge and silt. On large engines, cleaning with undiluted Aquasolve of the casing frame followed by opening and
thoroughly cleaning of sumps is strongly recommended. This should be followed by flushing of the entire lubricating oil system with a flushing oil containing 500 – 700ml of Fueloil Biocide for
every m3.

Sterilization of fuel storage tanks

The action of bacteria in fuel during storage is widely misunderstood and its results often thought to be that of stratification of blended fuels due to incompatibility. If bacteria are suspected, water
drawn from the fuel storage tank bottoms should be tested and the bacteria count established. If it is above 105 / ml, there is a good chance that colonization has taken place throughout the fuel. In such case treat at 500 – 700ml of Fueloil Biocide for each m3 of fuel.