Product Details

  •  Highly active Phosphate based compound.
  •  Liquid form.
  •  Sludge is non adherent.
  •  Simple to determine balance level of treatment.
  •  Economical in use.
  •  Easy for dosing.
  •  Blow down is easy.
  •  Maintains correct phosphate.
  •  Can be used for boilers of all pressures.

FALCHEM HARDNESS CONTROL contains an optimum blend of an inorganic phosphate and alkaline salt and polymers that precipitate calcium and magnesium hardness into a free flowing form to prevent scale formation.
FALCHEM HARDNESS CONTROL maintains adequate alkalinity and phosphate reserve in boiler water, which prevents corrosion.

FALCHEM HARDNESS CONTROL helps to minimize boiler downtime and reduces maintenance cost.
FALCHEM HARDNESS CONTROL is the recommended chemical treatment formulation for boilers operating at low to medium pressures.

FALCHEM HARDNESS CONTROL treatment levels are determined by such factors as quality of water, type of boiler, amount of water evaporated. The chemicals should be added preferably after shift blowdown when fresh water is pumped into the boiler.

For best results Hardness control can be dosed directly to the boiler in low pressure boilers hardness control may be dosed to the hot well.